Listen to the latest offering from Annalise Azadian

Listen to the latest offering from Annalise Azadian

Annalise Azadian is a new name in the pop scene, but not one you’ll soon forget.

The New York City-based singer’s latest release is a no-thrills piano ballad which directs you to the sultry vocals which hold their own throughout. Starting with little more than a staccato piano, reverberated snare and Azadian, casually and effortlessly offering her thoughts, it would be easy to allow the song to simply play in the background. But just as soon as you relax into the song, sharp orchestral notes cut in to remind you that this is something you should be listening to. Thundering drums and pulsating synths command your attention as the chorus kick in, pushing the song along at an unexpected pace.

The track is a perfect way for Azadian to show what she is capable of. She doesn’t rely on complicated rhythms, melodies or instrumentation. Instead, the track allows her room to show off her vocals and songwriting, leaving you wanting more.


Tayler Ross

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