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Love songs for everyone: criibaby’s intentionally inclusive debut single hit us right in the feels this Valentine’s Day

New indie rnb/neosoul/jazz singer criibaby only had one 2020 resolution: redefine inclusive music. With this ambitious goal in mind, the proudly queer artist set out to spread the love this Valentine’s Day with her catchy new single, ‘Sunshine’.

It’s aptly named. The song is like an injection of pure sunshine. Bouncy and full of joy, ‘Sunshine’ celebrates the butterflies and wonderful uncertainties we’ve all felt as we’re falling for someone. It’s as relatable as it gets, and her choice to leave pronouns out, and keep it neutral with “you”, “baby” and “sugar” makes the experience an inclusive one – and does so without feeling forced.

The chorus has us singing along by the second go around, but the arrangement stays fresh, thanks to criibaby’s melodic runs like the lines “I had a premonition / and I don’t believe in superstition (is that a nod to Stevie Wonder? We’ll never know) / still I’m haunted by the ghost of you” as well as the nicely stacked harmonies and well-placed back-up vocals.

The song ends in a whirlwind of different lines all at the same time, “What do you think about me sugar? / you got me feelin’ this way / when you smile it feels like sunshine”, a reprise of the intro with elements from the chorus added in, reminiscent of the racing thoughts we’ve all had during a sudden romance. But the tune ultimately resolves in the comforting affirmation, “I’ll give you time / all the time that you need”, a line that’s especially significant to criibaby. “The song is about acceptance. That last line – it’s a love story yes, but more than that it’s about giving myself the space and time to fully accept and celebrate my identity”, she says.

The good news: criibaby’s debut release, ‘Sunshine’ is just the beginning. It’s part of her newly-announced intentionally gender-neutral, inclusive album comprised of “love songs for everyone”, coming late 2020.

Stay tuned for more from criibaby!

criibaby (vocals, music, lyrics)
Big Soda (bassist, producer, engineer, mastering engineer)
Mixtape Seoul (producer, music)
Pandaraps (contributing engineer)
Alberto Rodriguez (contributing composer)


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