Mellowdrama: Manchester Trio Velvet Shakes’ Debut EP

It has been a really long time since I have witnessed a band hit the music scene with such confidence and sense of sound. VELVET SHAKES’ sound is so fully developed and realized that it gives the impression that they have been a part of the music scene for many years. With such glorious music, they most assuredly will be. Their new EP, ‘Mellowdrama,’ is a wonderful listen with their best music yet.

One of my favorite tracks on this project is ‘Alone Again.’ The production is jaw dropping and the melodies are intoxicating. This song feels like an 80’s throwback, with its own modern twist. The beat is fantastic and Josh Bithell’s vocals are smooth and easy. The whole song comes together to pure perfection. Another stellar track is ‘Your Love.’ It eases open with synths and spacey sound effects. It builds into a funky dance party that makes the perfect, energetic close to the EP. Anthony Hickey shines on drums and Scott Hill adds exactly what the track needs with the guitar. This song is their magnum opus and ensures that I start the EP over every time.

VELVET SHAKES are here to stay, and this EP goes a long way in establishing that. This project is an exciting, retro, indie tinged dance party. It is the perfect kind of escapism for a world that has been going through it lately. Overall, a fantastically executed project.

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