Miami RnB artist Adam Ford wonders if he is worthy of such a special partner on She Wants to Love

After learning the rigours of the music game from being in a boy band for 12 months before it all ended, Adam Ford is a Miami-born RnB solo artist who sings with the kind of genuine style which is so rare in this copy & paste world.

She Wants to Love was inspired by a recent relationship with someone ready to dedicate her life to me; in my mind, I wasn’t the perfect match for what she needed. This song came from a real place, even though, at this moment, I can’t give her what she wants, I know it won’t always be like that. I just hope I’m not too late when I’m ready.” ~ Adam Ford

Known best for his hit single and Ballers-featured track Ocean, Adam Ford displays the kind of excellence which will get many bodies reunited again after a cold winter.

She Wants to Love from Miami-born RnB artist Adam Ford is a Greentop Studios-recorded track to change all moods around. This is a classy song with no fake flash, as it flows so beautifully by a singer who is totally honest about his true feelings.

Caressing our hearts and bringing us hope again, we find a delightfully real single for all the lovers in the world who needed a slow-dance gem to reconnect with.

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Reviewed by Lu