Michelle Ward’s Entrancing Debut Single: “Dolly Daydreaming”

Michelle Ward’s debut single “Dolly Daydreaming” has everything I have been missing in today’s popular music. Lush soundscapes, natural and unique vocals, smooth music that isn’t overproduced, etc. She has managed to deliver all of that with one single.

The lovely collective sound of the track is flawlessly blended together. It is like a puzzle that has been seamlessly assembled. The jazzy undertones mixed with the 60’s girl group ‘Oh cha cha’s’ remind me of everything I loved about Amy Winehouse. It is truly refreshing to hear such stellar influences on this track.

Michelle’s voice is so warm and fluid. She does not overwhelm the song with vocal acrobats, but instead accentuates it in the style of Sade. It makes for a very cohesive sound that conveys all the right emotions.

The music itself is also noteworthy. The musicians definitely understood their assignment and delivered a perfect blend of pop, soul, and jazz to the song. All of their skill combined with a very competent producer are just a couple of reasons why the single is so pleasing to the ears.

Michelle Ward has a solid debut single under her belt. I have already broken the repeat button on this track and can’t wait to hear more from this bright new artist.