‘Mine For Now ‘ is the remarkable music video debut from 15 year old rising country artist Cara Bishop

Cara Bishop is a 15 year old singer/songwriter from south central Kentucky.

She’s young but she’s incredibly talented and never fails to impress. Often compared to a young Taylor Swift, Cara is destined to blaze her own successful path in country music.

The remarkable music video debut from 15 year old rising country artist Cara Bishop is an absolute breath of fresh air.

‘Mine For Now’ was filmed mostly in rural Hiseville, Kentucky and features gorgeous southern scenery and a first hand look at quaint, small town living.

The Stables at Kleinwood, a private venue that looks like the kind of place you only see in Hallmark movies, provides a majestic backdrop to help bring the lyrics to life.

Cara is showcased in a youthful yet classy manner, perfectly mastering the part of hometown sweetheart as she plays her guitar.

While the beautiful aesthetics of the video are impossible to ignore, it’s the budding romance that is the true staple of the storyline.

Bits and pieces of the love story are scattered throughout, showing a young couple eating ice cream together and later, laughing as they run alongside a train.

It’s a heartfelt, endearing look into the joys of adolescence, with a humbling reminder of the uncertainties of teenage love.

Created by Vid Monster Productions and featuring Brayden Smith in the role of the boyfriend, the ‘Mine For Now’ music video is sure to resonate with audiences of all ages and will undoubtedly leave viewers wondering what’s next for this outstanding new artist.


In Cara’s own words “It was so much fun to make!!.”