Niamh channels her electrifying edge delivering a new energy to the grunge genre

Niamh channels her electrifying edge delivering a new energy to the grunge genre

Niamh, is a fresh and powerful artist with a grungy and energetic spring in her step.

Originally from Scotland but now residing in Portland, Oregon, Niamh possess a raw and organic flair with a fantastic approach to the rock genre. Beginning her musical journey simply on the piano, Niamh has come a long way since then. With an impressive roster of performances credited to her name, Niamh has graced the stage at infamous venues and events such as Lollapalooza, Mo PoP festival, Knitting Factory New York and the House of Blues Chicago.

Currently finishing her debut full-length solo album, Niamh is ready to cause a memorable stir on the pop-punk scene. Her voice can be haunting, assertive, and even aggressive at times, but her natural ability always delivers a lasting impression. ‘We Are Who We Are’ is Niamh’s latest offering. The song has a certain essence of swing most notably found in the jazz genre but boasts a crunchy and powerful hook with confident and soulful vocals. Although Niamh packs a solid punch with her pop-punk style, prepare to hear Niamh add her unique touch to a number of genres on her forthcoming album.


James Cooke

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