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Nigerian rapper AYLØ drops his DNT DLT mixtape

This ‘DNT’ DLT’ project from AYLØ, comes quickly on the back of the success of his latest single ‘Paris’, which is being supported by The FADER, Beats 1, TMRW Magazine, Flaunt Magazine, Revolt TV, Earmilk, and Respect Magazine, among others, and his next single ‘Sassy’ which Complex are premiering next week.

Distributed via Apple’s Platoon, AYLØ’s DNT DLT mixtape is the long-awaited and highly anticipated follow up to his critically acclaimed 2017 album Insert Project Name and his 2016 Honest Conversations EP before that. Both records have garnered AYLØ over a million streams on Spotify and Soundcloud alone, along the way.

Rapper, singer and beatsmith AYLØ is one of the seminal Nigerian creatives, alongside the likes of Odunsi The Engine and Santi, pioneering the exciting and innovative fusion sound coming out of Africa, which is popularly referred to as alté, and is currently disrupting the music and culture in Africa, as well as making waves internationally.

While he is one of the forerunners behind the alté sound, AYLØ is even more keen on highlighting the alté movement and community, rather than just the sound, which is why he brings fellow alté rising artists like Fasina, MyQuale, Sugarbana, Cheso, and PsychoYP along for the ride, on his new 10-track DNT’ DLT mixtape.

1) What was your inspiration for the DNT’ DLT mixtape?

Dnt’Dlt is a journey on the road to conviction. Convincing myself (and/through) others that I shouldn’t commit suicide. Life has its up and downs – you go through death, pain, love and whatever emotions fall in between. Each song is a phase, its personal – but its still a journey none the less and at the end of it, at the end of everything you’re still alive and breathing. Gratitude.

2) How do you know when you got the best beats for the project?

It’s an on going process, so we keep going till I like what something sounds like. If I record it and don’t delete all the audio files after a few hour then its good lol.

3) What is the story behind each of the tracks on the mixtape?

The first track on the project I listen to you – is an ode to women in my life – its about listening and appreciating. Accepting my own flaws in perspective appreciating and in doing that acknowledging everything they do for me.

We move onto Paris – keeping the same theme of acceptance but this emotion is more focused on a wider range of things – everything I guess. Accepting the beauty in everything. In pain, in damage.

Sassy is about divine feminine energy – just a celebration and appreciation. Fasina and PsychoYP got on this with me and they each tell the story in their own way.

Pretty Mama is a shout out to women on Instagram that look the same in person lol. Myquale is featured on this. Fire.

Indo smoking is ambient, birds, nostalgic – to build this story telling experience. context literally taking a walk down memory lane. Mojo tells his own story. We just talking. Context of our lives .

Xhozhu – is a Drake experiment, metal-ish influences yeh cause why not.

City of Lights – is just a snapshot of reality, tells the story of how the current state of Nigeria kills its own people, children. Not for a lack of inability just because of certain peoples nonchalance and mismanagement of other peoples lives. This features Sugarbana

Nintendo – is trap – I like trap… So let’s trap… lol

I met with the witches of the forest (IMWTWOTF) – is a cleansing, connecting myself to the source, redefining my energy and connecting with my ancestors. Journeys, stories, reality, foresight.

x. Alive and breathing is the Victory lap.. I haven’t killed myself.. I realise I don’t need to.. I can be happy.. I am a champion.

4) Do you have criteria for choosing guest artists to work with?

Not really… It just works out the way its supposed to.

5) When do you feel that the production of a track is spot on?

I have somewhat exacting standards lol… so when I hear it and like it then its good

6) How did you get into music in the first place?

I’ve always wanted to make music, but I can tell you that I’ve been doing this since I was 7 singing along to Destiny’s Child. It’s been a journey, everything ties into a reason for every other thing – energy feeds energy you know…

7) Who were your musical influences?

Everything and anything sounds good, I can appreciate sound in anything. J.Cole is currently my fav artist.

8) What tunes are currently on repeat for you?

I try not to listen to anything when I’m creating – so just my own stuff atm

9) What’s your life outside of music?

I’m a pretty boring guy lol documentaries (knowledge), family, gardens

10) If you could collaborate with any artist who would it be?

Burna, Cole, Kendrick… To name 3
The list is longer.

11) What’s your favourite genre of music?

Hmmm… Soul

12) What are your strengths and weaknesses?

I don’t know, that’s dependent on perspective and the point in time. Weakness today might be a strength tomorrow. Vice versa – reversed etc.

13) Where do you draw inspiration for your song lyrics?

Every song is personal to me, its like a preface from spending time in solitude and meditation

14) What is your guilty pleasure?

Wow. Ok. Gardens.

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