Norway’s Denim Blue shows us deep inside our darkest emotions on six-track EP Vacation Blues

Denim Blue aka Jens Bjarne is a Norway-based rock/pop/hip hop fusion solo singer-songwriter/rapper who bought his first microphone aged 17 and hasn’t looked back since.

Vacation Blues is a short but open story. There are a few ways to interpret it as it grows darker with different stages of losing hope, love, will and identity. At the end of the EP, there’s a realisation, but it’s a cyclical story; the first and last tracks have the same vocal hook with different meanings. It is about struggling to move on, whether from heartbreak, addiction, mental health, or any other personal matter; it is up to you to decide, as the listener. I wanted it to feel familiar, almost like the inner voice that tries to speak up.” ~ Denim Blue 

Transporting us into a six-track melting pot of pulsating ear-shaking music to truly sit down and reflect with, Denim Blue is at his relevant best with a multi-genre blend of pure brilliance. Showing us how he has felt like falling over for good sometimes, in a harsh world that can push you over like a windy storm if you let go. 

With particular highlights such as Brand New, Down, and the final track Bloom, Denim Blue sparks up and tries to ignore all the carnage even though his mind is racing too fast, to try and pick himself up to fight another battle tomorrow. There is heartfelt emotion wrapped with a truthful bow here, that shall force many to reevaluate where they are headed in life when the going gets tough.

Vacation Blues from Norway-based rock/pop/hip hop artist Denim Blue is a special release that shows us all how hard life can be sometimes in this cruel era. Showing us his sharp rap skills that are fused rather expertly with a voice that might cause the hairs on your arms to stand up, this is a true reflection of a lost generation that is rather broken currently. 

Listen up to this fine release on Spotify and see more via the IG page.

Reviewed by Lu