Old Currents release single “No Signs of Life” from upcoming album “The Glory, The Defeat”

Photo by: Ryan Struck / Daily Grime Media

Old Currents release another track, “No Signs of Life,” from their upcoming album The Glory, The Defeat. This is the second single off their full length album, which is set to release on April 22, 2022. This new track’s sounds and lyrics convey the heaviness of setting off into an unfamiliar world. The band offers a fresh and intriguing approach to the rock genre by combining their eclectic music influences with their unique brand of personal storytelling, as the band explained to us.

“One of our best friends left New Jersey and moved to Los Angeles without knowing anybody out there to pursue his dream of being a screenwriter. This song is written from his perspective of leaving home behind and questioning if the risk was worth it,” said OLD CURRENTS.

Old Currents hit the ground running in December of 2017 with the spontaneous announcement of the band and unveiling of their first LP, Three Chords & the Truth. Founding members Jake, Joe and Greg grew up together in Glen Rock, New Jersey and started playing together when they were teenagers. After swapping stories, songs, and ambitions with Ryan Struck after a show,  he promptly joined the band in winter of 2018. 

Old Currents is more than just a band; it is a declaration of dedication and intent to turn one-off bands and jam sessions into something real and something to truly be proud of. Their inspirations span every facet of the musical universe from country to ska to hardcore and Old Currents prides themselves in seamlessly blending their diverse muses into a fresh iteration of alternative rock music. In Fall 2019, Old Currents went to Portrait Recording Studio to write and record their first album as a four piece, The Glory, The Defeat. This album marks a new wave for Old Currents.

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