Ontario Christian/Gospel duo Folarin & Keziah causes a stir taking their inspirational music from the church to the streets

Christian and Gospel music are two wonderful genres but unfortunately artists work is mostly influential to the crowd who are already receiving the message. Ontario’s Folarin & Keziah is the exception to this rule with their music creating something huge in the music scene with its broad appeal.

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada is home base for an exciting and energetic movement of Christian and Gospel music. Music that is not just appealing to people in the Church or Church events but is, importantly, touching the hearts of those in the streets and in homes previously untouched by the uplifting celebration of God and his reach. The spearhead of this ultra-exciting development is Christian/Gospel duo Folarin & Keziah. Folarin & Keziah have released four very well-received singles., a high energy praise jam “Jesus is Alive”, a very moving worship ballad “You Deserve”, a fusion of Gospel with a vibrant chorus “You are my God”, and a song of devotion that fuses R&B and Gospel “Surrendering All”. All are on their own independent label God Colors Media.

The church holds a very special place in the hearts of Folarin & Keziah. It’s where they met and were married in 2011. Leading diverse audiences in praise and worship has given them the opportunity to explore their combined talent in a multicultural environment. The duo have been privileged to work on choir productions in Nigeria, England and Canada. Now, they feel it’s time to share some of the songs they’ve been inspired to write over the years with the rest of the world.

“God is not a secret to be kept,” commented Folarin from the duo. “Our mission is to pioneer a movement that takes gospel and contemporary music from within the walls of a church to the street. We make music that transcends cultures, creeds and colors, and are so glad it is having a positive influence.”

In addition to their singles, Folarin & Keziah are in the studio working on their first album “Relentless”, a 12-track collection of songs of praise, worship, devotion, hope and inspiration, all with a broad general appeal. The project includes live music and involved collaboration with some of Ontario’s most sought after production engineers: Amy King White of Grant’s Avenue studios, Roy Oomen of Silent Stone music and Sam Williams of SamSound productions. All of Folarin & Keziah’s songs are original work, with both of them being gifted songwriters.

Feedback for their music continues to be passionate across the board. If you’ve tried religion and its many methods and still have questions, Folarin & Keziah invites you to listen their music and get inspired to live freely with hope, joy and purpose.

A recent Hamilton fan remarked in a five-star review, “I enjoyed these songs very much; the lyrics are very thoughtful and meaningful. The music is peaceful and the vocals are excellent. The songs are well written, arranged and produced. I hope this group enjoys much success.”

For more information be sure to visit https://www.folarinandkeziah.com.