:PM's catchy debut 'Grown Ups' will keep you feeling energised

:PM’s catchy debut ‘Grown Ups’ will keep you feeling energised

The self-described “5 friends making music“, better known as :PM, have been keeping their explosive sound under wraps, until now.

Their first single ‘Grown Ups‘ comes 10 years after the band first formed (due to a lot of bad luck) which makes sense, as they were just teens back then. The group’s debut offering is a vibrant indie-pop anthem packed with energetic guitar hooks and longing vocals. Listen to ‘Grown Ups‘ below.

Grown Ups‘ focuses on the carefree nature of youth, young love and the acceptance of growing older. Undeniably catchy, the lyrics “I want to get drunk in the afternoon, buy a Haribo ring and marry you” are chanted religiously echoing the group’s light-hearted ethos. :PM‘s debut is incredibly strong and proves these guys are definitely going to keep their listeners feeling young at heart.

To keep up to date with this Yorkshire five-piece check out their socials below.


James Cooke

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