PREMIERE: A Stunning New Single from The Lost Gecko – ‘I Can Hear Echoes’

I can’t remember the last time a song has touched me like The Lost Gecko’s newest single “I Can Hear Echoes.” It has also been a while since I have heard a song where the lyrics and the music so perfectly fit each other.

The track is very sparse and intentional with its instrumentation and production. It opens with an acoustic guitar, cello, and raw vocals. It steadily ascends to a majestic and inspired chorus. The song is very ethereal and does a lot with only a few instruments. The Lost Gecko creates a very stirring wall of sound that stays with you long after the song has concluded, which makes it a definite repeat listen. Lead singer Malcolm Urquhart’s strong and piercing vocals are my favorite part of the track. It contributes a lot of emotion to an already rousing song.

“I Can Hear Echoes” is the second single to be released ahead of The Lost Gecko’s highly anticipated upcoming EP titled “Scatter Box.” Preceded by the equally striking single “Brothers,” this track reassures me that their EP will be filler free. They have set the standard very high for themselves and I have no doubt they will live up to the name they have already made for themselves.

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