Principe Releases New Single, Chemical Emotion, on Fine Business Music.

Chemical Emotion brings the good summer vibes with sticky lyrics and smooth House Music melody.

Hi there! Of course everyone is hungry for parties to be back so we can have some fun, meet our friends and, most of all, feel that music vibes are better felt alongside others.

This July, events have popped up across the United States and Europe. Of course, taking safety measures and in some cases requiring PCR tests. Some studies say COVID-19 new cases are 99% related to non-vaccinated people, so please, do your part!

Think that the vibration of the dance floors can already be felt. Here on Music Crowns we are closely watching as it unfolds worldwide, of course, listening to some good music to bring to you the hottest informations and artists.

Emotion is clear in this new release of Principe, north american music producer who returns to Fine Business Music, this time with the song Chemical Emotion. Full of summer vibes and easy chorus this song also fits perfectly into a pool party, doesn’t it? How we miss all that!

Last release by Principe was a remix of Country Roads which has over 250k streams on spotify. Now the artist is in the studio preparing his first album, which will be released soon. Have a look at his Instagram if you feel like.

A very fine business to bring such a nice vibes to our summer jams. Follow us on @musiccrowns