The Record Pool unveil J Bravo's incredible single 'Don't Understand'

The Record Pool unveil J Bravo’s incredible single ‘Don’t Understand’

Introducing Johnny ‘Bravo’ Rayborn, better known by his alias J Bravo, is an emerging hip-hop and r&b producer whose got a distinct sound and an amazing style.

Hailing from Chicago’s Southside, J Bravo has worked on a variety of musical projects. Artist management, mixtape production for various companies such as T-Mobile and Verizon, soundtracking adverts, movie trailers, and video games, J Bravo has his finger on the pulse.

His latest single ‘Don’t Understand‘, featuring Ann Marie and Tyre Hakim, is a slow and smooth R&B burner. Sounding like something that could easily make its way onto an October’s Very Own playlist, J Bravo’s latest offering infuses trap, hip-hop, and soul to forge a deep sound with an emotive delivery. Using contemporary production techniques to compliment a melodic throwback rap beat, ‘Don’t Understand’ is sure to make its way onto any hip-hop head’s playlist.

With The Record Pool behind the distribution and marketing of J Bravo’s ‘Don’t Understand’, the track is getting a lot of credible attention. As a platform for emerging and talented artists to promote and distribute their music, The Record Pool is a valuable tool for unsigned artists to get their incredible music heard.

J Bravo’s ‘Don’t Understand’ is available now on Apple Music and Spotify now.

To learn more about The Record Pool and check out their impressive artists head over to their social pages below.


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