Review: Listen to Divine, from Jardim on LFTD Global

Hi there! All music lovers who are interested in what’s new and what’s happening worldwide! Yes, we are talking to you! My fellow Music Crowns readers we are not less than delighted to offer you today something fresh new.

Last year Jardim released a track called Love Again, which had more than 150 thousand streams. Now we are here to listen Divine. Deep and introspective, the atmosphere that Jardim delivered in Divine shows a more intimate perspective of the artist.

Released by LFTD Global, Divine uses references from the pop world almost in a mashup of references that together, permeates a progressive and melancholic base. The sixth release by Jardim – according to what we can listen in his Spotify – is connected with the feeling of his previous tracks and now you can listen here too and learn a little more about an artist who is fresh and new in the scene.

Ladies and gentlemen, please feel free:




Who’s Jardim?


Refinement, Color and Harmony in House Music. Jardim’s sound can be described as intense, emotional, eclectic, different, authentic, colourful, creative and, why not, fragrant. Yes, after all, a self-respecting garden draws attention from afar and arouses curiosity. Jardim plays the guitar, acoustic guitar, and piano, loves the sound of Ben Bohmer and doesn’t refuse Morcheeba’s classics either. Dedicated to learning the fine technique of mixing, his DJ set includes artists such as Saint Vie, Monolink, Satori, Anjunadeep, Joris Delacreoux and Solomun, and his first releases as a music producer are on the way.


Interested? Get to know the artist’s sound on Soundcloud and, if you want, also follow him on social media @jardimsound