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Sam Brothers gears up to release debut album Farewell To My Old Days

23-year-old Sam Brothers prepares to release his honest debut album, Farewell To My Old Days.

Brothers is one artist, in today’s over-processed industry, who you can truly rely on to get an authentic and vintage sounding musical experience. His sound is personal, raw, and doesn’t rely on sugar coating. It’s straight forward, soulful, and breathes an air of natural live sounding acoustics into the mix.

The Southern-English singer-songwriter is a true troubadour at heart. Although his inspirations come from the icons of the past such as Dylan, Buckley, Drake, and Van Zandt, he’s very much at one with the voice of his generation. Listen to the title track from Farewell To My Old Days below.

Farewell To My Old Days was recorded entirely on analogue tape beautifully capturing live performances using real instruments. The emerging artist and his producer, Mark St. John, set out with the goal in mind – to produce a unique sounding record that offers his generation an alternative to the processed product they are fed every day.

The album is set for release on 20th October (pre-order here) and will mark a momentous milestone in Brothers’ creative journey. Sam Brothers has something to say, a unique way to say it, and a collection of influential and willing tastemakers behind him.



James Cooke

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