Sam Brothers has something to say and a unique way to say it

Sam Brothers is a sensational 21-year-old singer-songwriter from Canterbury, South England, who possesses raw and untamed vocals.

Don’t let his innocent appearance fool you, Sam Brothers boasts a mature voice and offers a genuine, meaningful alternative to the mundane. With vocals that evoke the sensitivity of Nick Drake and the powerful range of Jeff Buckley, he’s a real talent to say the least. Echoing the likes of Bob Dylan and Stephen Van Zandt, Sam Brothers puts a contemporary spin on a classic style.

A genuine working Troubadour, Sam was discovered busking in his hometown by the seasoned industry veteran manager, Mark St. John. This lucky strike contributed to Sam signing a record production and music publishing deal with St. John, who is now producing his album.

Sam has something to say, a unique way to say it and a collection of people who believe in him and will support him throughout process. He’s an artist for an emerging generation who are disillusioned with the trivia of the virtual world. To hear more from this innovative young artist, head over to his social pages below.


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