Street Fever’s “Fate” is a Sonic Oasis

Boise based experimental artist Street Fever has created another breathtaking and inventive track. Called “Fate”, the song blends techno, electronic, synth pop and industrial for a must listen to banger.

“Fate” is filled with introspection, desire and purity. The song is a call to action for the listener to take a deep dive into their own consciousness and emotional wellbeing, embracing self love and acceptance. “Fate” also calls on us to be present in the moment and give love to the important power beyond ourselves. The track oozes seduction with warm, penetrating vocals singing cathartic melodies. Steady bass mirroring a heart beat thrills as does the evocative synths and deep beats of the track.

Street Fever is influenced by an eclectic musical palette including hardcore, rap, industrial techno, EBM, noise, electro, techno and classical music. Their avant garde performances excite audiences around the globe. “Fate” is off of their highly anticipated album which is rooted in a spiritual awakening the artist had after they survived being incarcerated in a South East Asian Prison as well as being institutionalized multiple times. With a life of resilience and heart, Street Fever makes music that means something.

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