The Lost Gecko is back on the scene with a new single: Snowdropping

September 2021 – The Lost Gecko is a band who defies the usual expectations and dynamics of quality music by bringing its own personality into the equation. The group doesn’t play by the usual rules, and as a result, things can get a lot more open and interesting with so much talent on tap.

One of the things I truly love about The Lost Gecko is most definitely the fact that the band is always ready to capture the expressive value of music, not only through lyrics and songwriting chops, but also through sonics. There are so many unique tones and catchy sounds on this release, and it feels like absolutely nothing at all was left to chance. This is particularly amazing, especially because each detail; each quirk of the music brings yet another tidbit of charisma that adds to the greater picture. The Lost Gecko is going strong, and if Snowdropping is any indication, this is definitely going to be the next chapter in a very productive and rewarding musical future for this talented artist.

Find out more about The Lost Gecko, and listen to Snowdropping, which is now available on all major digital platforms for stream and download!

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