Troy Ramey's 'Forever Wild' is an honest song that will hit you right in the chest

Troy Ramey’s ‘Forever Wild’ is an honest song that will hit you right in the chest

Part crooner, part troubadour and all storyteller, Troy Ramey is a soul singer who evokes memories with every note he sings.

Using his powerful emotive tones, the New York based singer has the ability to reveal his pain and draw you into his music. His latest offering, ‘Forever Wild‘, is an honest and heartfelt song that will hit you right in the chest. With a grand total of 5 million Spotify plays in the last one and a half years, the newly released ‘Forever Wild‘ will be another welcomed addition to his catalogue. Watch the lyric video below.

As a top 12 finalist on NBC’s season twelve of The Voice, this passionate singer is ready to give his fans a glimpse of what got him there.

Authentic, soulful and beautiful, Troy stands out amongst the masses as a much-needed reminder that music comes from passion and sincerity. Check out Troy Ramey’s socials below.

You can pre-order the track on iTunes here.


James Cooke

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