‘Wasted Potential’ showcases Lindsay Liebro’s beautiful vocal stylings

17-year-old Pittsburgh native Lindsay Liebro is always pushing herself to achieve more success in her music career.

From an early age, she has always been singing, performing, and writing songs.

After winning WYEP’s Singer-Songwriter Competition in 2020 as the youngest contestant, Lindsay has gone on to begin achieving many of her dreams.

Her debut single ‘Boardwalk’ was created as part of the 2021 WYEP Reimagination Project that showcases the talent of young Pittsburgh musicians.

From there, it became the most streamed song on the album.

Liebro has also been garnering a following on Tik Tok where she posts her original songs.

Recently, her song ‘Wasted Potential’ went viral on Twitter for being confused for an unreleased Taylor Swift song, and her release has garnered over 50k streams.

‘Wasted Potential’ showcases Lindsay Liebro’s beautiful vocal stylings.

The track captivates us with catchy and upbeat pop melodies.