Watch ADQ 1982's gripping music video for 'Deep Feelings'

Watch ADQ 1982’s gripping music video for ‘Deep Feelings’

With his latest track, ‘Deep Feelings’, packing a powerful punch, ADQ 1982 is an artist whose storytelling ability will leave a lasting impression.

An emotional journey that documents the tragic life of an abused girl, ‘Deep Feelings’ narrates how childhood abuse can cause a devastating butterfly effect for victims. Raw and uncensored, the LA rapper preaches his words of wisdom over a bluesy hip-hop number, echoing the emotional content.

Deep Feelings’ follows the journey of a girl abused from a young age, who eventually turns to drugs and operating as a sex worker. Let down by every man that was supposed to be a positive influence in her life, she ends up on a dangerous and self-destructive path. From prostitution to a prosecution, the protagonist in ADQ’s story eventually ends up falling into a police trap. The narrative’s context may be alien to some, but very real to others.

With a name that’s aptly abbreviated from ‘Another Dope Quality’, and 1982 his birth year, this emerging lyricist is creating a blaze on the West Coast hip-hop scene. With many conventional rappers depicting lifestyles of money, women, and fame, ADQ 1982 depicts the real and gritty truth of what life can really be like for some. 

To hear more of his gripping and powerful tracks, head over to his socials below.


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