Watch Marine Veteran John Preston address important issues in ‘Superman Falls’

From US Marine to musician, John Preston is an all-powerful force and a concrete addition to the rock scene.

John Preston was raised on a farm in Kentucky and was born to serve in the military. The singer-songwriter was part of Operation Iraqi Freedom where he was highly decorated as a marine before he became a firefighter. Following the success of his latest EP, Your War Is Over, John has made a name for himself and garnered national media acclaim. Now with his music gathering the recognition it deserves, it has provided John with a platform to speak out about an issue extremely close to his heart – veteran suicide.

Having lost his brother to suicide, John has decided to channel his energy into this great cause. With his new album Battle Cry: Songs of America’s Heroes currently in the rock top 40, John is planning to donate 100% of the proceeds to The Valkyrie Initiative. John, having executively produced the album himself has also featured 9 other Combat Veteran artists on the record and hopes to reach as many people as possible with one of the two singles, ‘Superman Falls’.

John’s vocals are raw and untamed just like the story he tells; reflecting his emotions perfectly. ‘Superman Falls’ is a way to address the traumatic experience that Marines and their families go through due to suicide caused by PTSD. John’s music packs a hefty blow but don’t let that fool you, it’s crammed with soul and emotion.

John Preston’s goal is to spread this story; “the proverbial punch in the mouth” to all the radio stations in the country and get his message heard. Don’t miss out, check out John’s LP, Battle Cry: Songs of America’s Heroes and do your part to help an important cause.


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