XXIST are a new recording band hitting the spots of nu alternative music while mixing in a dark electronic atmosphere

XXIST are a new recording band hitting the spots of nu alternative music while mixing in a dark electronic atmosphere.

The band members consist of Keaton Moser and Andrew Nelson.

This duo teamed up a couple years back as strangers, emailing sounds back and forth until something clicked, creating their first single, ‘The Death Of Me’ which dropped Sunday May 30th 2021.

Andrew says, “We wanted this song to represent depression. The thought behind that face you have to hide. Depression is something we have both lost people too, and face day to day in our personal lives.”

Andrew is a transgender vocalist (he/him) and wants to impact the LGBTQ community as well as those suffering with mental illnesses.

“To me this song is a reflection of myself I’m looking at, I used to bury my real self, I was a very angry person because of that, and I thought a lot about suicide over coming out because of the way the world is. At the same time, it won’t mean the same thing to me, as someone else and I love that about this song. But that’s where I’m coming from as I wrote this one out with Keaton.”

Keaton, is the mastermind behind the music, and also directs themes and vocal styles for their music they have been creating.

He says, “I was inspired by some of Andrew’s original songs. They fit in line with what I started to envision for my next project, which turned out to be us forming XXIST. His music was beautiful with a dark edge and his voice and melodies were so captivating.

I couldn’t get enough. The message his lyrics always blow me away. I knew this was the right thing to do and I’ve never not 100% believed that. We’ve since been to the grindstone, turning song after song and I feel that we’ve finally found our sound.

DOM is the first piece that we ever worked on and it’s mind blowing to me that this is what we created as two strangers collaborating through the internet. To say I am excited for our future is a massive understatement.

We are creating something that’s beyond the depth of normal music. Something that brings mystery while speaking truths. Life is beautiful and dynamic like that. What a joy it would be to write music in the most embodied way that life is.

It’s like a perfect melting pot of emotion and feelings all in the form of music. How colorful and expressive can we get? Huge soundscapes and hauntingly beautiful melodies telling words that speak to your soul? Who is doing that? We are.”