ZPEXTRE’s Hypnotized is the perfect sonic escape

ZPEXTRE are back with their fourth single ‘Hypnotized’, and it is the sound of an artist who has finely crafted their sound from a wide array of influences. The single from the California based artist doesn’t attempt to be anything it isn’t, with its unapologetically feel-good atmosphere bringing endorphins in no half measures. ‘Hypnotized’ feels like a song born in the centre of a global pandemic, its lyrics seemingly reminiscing on escapism and being with friends, although this is presented through a lens of optimism. This is the ace up ZPEXTRE’s sleeve and it is what makes them so unique. One of the more interesting parts of the single is the exotic rhythm that is essential in carrying it forward, in order for it to get where it needs to go. The musicianship echoes this sentiment perfectly, as it progresses, constantly moving forward, and in parts showing off another influence, dream-pop. This feels equally fitting with the lyrics feeling of escapism and, you know, being hypnotized. ‘Hypnotized’ is self assured, optimistic and the sound of an artist who is ready to cheer people up in this glass half empty era.

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Review by Dan Phillips