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Travis Crown releases music video for ‘Home’

Last month, Travis Crown released ‘Home’- his second single of 2019.

Now, the music video for ‘Home’, a steel-drum infused, dancehall, pop anthem that discusses the relief of unwinding at home after a hard day’s work, has arrived.

The video takes place inside a lavish mansion, where the Connecticut-native and his buddies throw a pool party. Much like the track’s sound, the visuals for ‘Home’ are bright and inviting. Crown appears throughout the video, inviting you to relax and let his softly-spoken vocals take you on a journey to zen.

Watch the music video for ‘Home’ below.

In spite of the song’s positive and lighthearted subject matter, for Travis, singing about finding a sanctuary in the place we are most free to be ourselves has not come without struggle. At the age of 17, he came out as gay and was in-turn disowned by his family. Having been kicked out of the family’s Connecticut home, he moved to Los Angeles and, after a number of hardships, eventually found shelter with a local LGBT centre.

Today he works for the same centre that helped him.

Through his music and his work for the centre, Travis is helping others who identify as LGBTQ+ in the hope that they will not have to through what he had to when he found himself without a home.

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