Casey McQuillen Lights Up Cluny 2 in Newcastle with Electrifying Performance

Casey McQuillen’s headline slot at Cluny 2 in Newcastle was a captivating display of artistry and energy, marking a significant milestone in her evolving career. Transitioning from acoustic support slots to a full live band setup, Casey brought a new dimension to her performance that electrified the audience in ways unseen before.

From the moment she stepped onto the stage, Casey’s stage presence was undeniable. With a confidence that radiated throughout the venue, she effortlessly commanded the attention of the diverse crowd, which spanned across all ages and backgrounds. 

The intimate setting of Cluny 2 provided the perfect backdrop for Casey’s dynamic performance. Unlike her previous support slots at larger venues like the arena shows with Marti Pellow and Lemar, the close proximity to the audience at Cluny 2 created an atmosphere of intimacy and connection that was palpable throughout the evening.

Casey’s setlist showcased a perfect blend of her well-known tracks, which elicited enthusiastic sing-alongs from the crowd, and her latest release, ‘Talk In My Head.’ The emotional depth and raw honesty of the new single resonated deeply with the audience, further solidifying Casey’s status as a captivating storyteller.

Overall, Casey McQuillen’s headline performance at Cluny 2 was a testament to her growth as an artist and her ability to captivate audiences with her music and stage presence. With each song, she brought a new level of energy and passion, leaving the audience eagerly anticipating her next move in what promises to be a remarkable journey.


Check out Casey’s latest single ‘Talk in my Head’ here: