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A new chapter in music: STORRY releases debut single ‘Leave My Heart Behind’

As home to some of music’s most gifted artists in the world today, it’s not too far-fetched to believe there must be something in the water in Toronto that is responsible for producing a list of unparalleled talents. Now, singer-songwriter, all-round creative powerhouse STORRY is ready to be added to that list with the release of her debut single ‘Leave My Heart Behind’.

If ever there were a debut single chosen with the intent to make people sit-up and pay attention, ‘Leave My Heart Behind’ would be the gold standard. The track, in delivering its message about the gut-wrenching nature of abusive love, showcases precisely why STORRY, with her on-point delivery and shattering vocals, will be the next big name in music.

Watch the video below.

‘Leave My Heart Behind’ is described as being “dedicated to anyone who’s ever been in-’toxic’-cated by a relationship. [This song] is about owning contradictions . About claiming broken shards of memories and writing your own story.”

The sound of ‘Leave My Heart Behind’ contains elements of soul, R&B and pop of the late 1950s and 60s – combining them with a modern twist to produce a style comparable to that of the late, great Amy Winehouse. Her vocals, crystalline and intense at any range, must be heard to be believed.

All comparisons aside, STORRY differentiates and distances herself from being an imitator – a classically-trained singer who, in writing and producing her own music, reveals an intense passion and honesty that prove her style to be uniquely her own.

‘Leave My Heart Behind’ is both the first single and the first step taken on a journey of recovery and self-discovery initiated by the end of an abusive relationship. The full story to this journey will be documented in the forthcoming debut album Chapter III: The Come Up, which has been written, produced and funded by STORRY herself.

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