Cody Chase’s ‘The Chase’ Radio Show Delivers Memorable March Episodes with Tiësto and Maddix

With a distinct sound and vibrant energy, Cody Chase continues to offer fans exhilarating auditory journeys with episodes of his radio show ‘The Chase’. As March proved to bring yet more unmissable sonic experiences with high-quality mixes, diverse track line-ups, and top VIP guests, ‘The Chase’ surely maintained its stellar status within Electronic Music, no doubt gaining more fans as new listeners discovered the magnetising vibes of Cody Chase’s creativity. 

Standing out as memorable moments for fans of ‘The Chase’, Cody Chase presented mixes from the renowned talents Tiësto and Maddix during March’s episodes; heavyweight names within Electronic Music, the appearance of these two guest stars surely raised the status of ‘The Chase’ even further, taking Cody Chase’s radio show to new ground and firmly establishing it as one of the leading platforms on the scene today. As both Tiësto and Maddix delivered mixes of the highest standard, injecting the show with each of their signature sounds and captivating energy, listeners are sure to have been enthralled throughout last month, surprised and excited by the quality of talent and music that Cody Chase offered to them. 

The intoxicating vibes continued during March as Cody Chase presented his own electrifying mixes; as provided listeners with a taste of the pulse-racing sound of his live DJing sets with a mix recorded live from a Denver performance, Cody Chase also took the opportunity to shine a light on his most recent releases. Having dropped a high-octane Techno production titled, ‘Ellipsis’, along with his powerful remix, ‘Cut Em Fat’, during the month, Cody Chase introduced his productions to listeners of ‘The Chase’, surely impressing them with his extensive skillset and unique approach towards music production. With a hard-hitting sonic identity that appears unmistakable throughout each of his creative pursuits, whether through his studio productions, live DJing sets, or mixes for ‘The Chase’, Cody Chase ensures that he stands out, consistently making impactful waves across the landscape of Electronic Music. 

 Sure to keep elevating his show to exciting new heights, inviting more guest stars to take to the decks, Cody Chase’s radio show no doubt remains one to take note of, so make sure not to miss out on the next enthralling episodes of ‘The Chase’ this April. 

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