Crimzon Ink delivers a powerful message in the war inspired 'Achmed'

Crimzon Ink delivers a powerful message in the war inspired ‘Achmed’

Edinburgh-based Crimzon Ink is rapidly making his way up the UK hip-hop food chain and is becoming one of Scotland’s most influential underground rappers.

Praised for his complex, multisyllabic rhyme schemes and punchlines, Crimzon Ink is a genius storyteller. The world record holder for the most lyrics on a track, (1,200 – that’s 200 more than the US rapper Canibus), this up and coming artist is a serious contender. Now garnering recognition across the globe, he has worked with a number of influential media platforms, including the BBC, and has collaborated with New York’s one and only, Diabolic.

Crimzon Ink has just released his breakthrough debut album, 5150 Gallow Hill. Taken from the album, Crimzon’s track, ‘Achmed’, is a prime example of his work. The narrative he creates is impeccable and the story he tells is powerful, moving, and painstakingly truthful. The track’s narrative focuses on a young Syrian boy and his family’s fight for survival in their war-torn country. The incomprehensible and terrifying reality of war is prominent and the depiction of the struggle those affected go through each day is outstanding.

Crimzon’s tone is painful and heartbreaking, but glimmers of hope beam through. The beat mirrors the tracks emotive message and is packed with heartening strings and piano melodies. Unsettling yet beautiful, ‘Achmed’ is a powerful song that needs to be heard with an important message that shouldn’t be ignored. Check out more from Crimzon Ink below and purchase the debut album 5150 Gallow Hill on Bandcamp here.


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