Cyazon Took His Followers On A Futuristic Journey During April’s ‘Cyber Future’ Radio Show Episodes

Cyazon strikes back with new episodes of his highly-acclaimed radio show, ‘Cyber Future’. The talented DJ and producer is ready to get back on the list of hottest radio shows on air. ‘Cyber Future’ is a weekly radio show that not only showcases his signature sound and style, but also the aesthetics and themes that surround and influence his music; with a nod to the futuristic and cyberpunk world and an open space for sharing the tracks that inspire him, Cyazon delivers time and time again, energetic mixes every week. 

Listeners can expect to hear a wide and impressive range of varying genres including Trance, Progressive House, Electro, Dubstep and Dance, among others, while also enjoying the characteristic sound of Cyazon, whose powerful and striking style is unmatchable. 

Past month, ‘Cyber Future’ featured tracks by Barely Alive, MUST DIE!, Essenger and Cyazon himself, plus a fresh list of new artists every week. While episode #983 saw Crupeople as a guest DJ, fixing an impressive mix that showcased music by Kompany, Virtual Riot, HELLBOUND and Crupeople and more. 

‘Cyber Future’ is an instant ticket to a futuristic world where music is the driving force and guide, followers of the show can rest assured that Cyazon’s taste and style will lead them through an interesting voyage with every episode. 

Cyazon continues to amaze with his ability to showcase his own vision and sound, not only with his music but with his masterful mixes that shine a light to the best upcoming music and the most innovative DJs and producers in the Electronic Music world. 

Keep an eye out for ‘Cyber Future’s’ coming episodes as each week raises the quality bar even higher, putting Cyazon’s name high on the list of DJs to follow. 

‘Cyber Future’ is out now with new episodes each week, and available on Mixcloud. 

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