Cynthia Laclé Is Ready to Set the Dancefloor Ablaze with Her Rework of Prodigy’s ‘No Good’

Cynthia Laclé is back to deliver more sonic heat with her Techno remix of Prodigy’s ‘No Good’. Coming as another hard-hitting production, the talented Producer and DJ adds her own distinct touch to the track, offering listeners a production intense in energy and powerful in sound. As she keeps making a name for herself within Electronic Music, Cynthia Laclé’s talents and skillset continue to lead to high-octane releases, supporting the evolution and development of her sound as she finds new ways to elevate her music. Now, offering her listeners the chance to explore her dynamic sonic world once again, Cynthia Laclé brings a refreshing new rework to her production catalogue, diversifying the collection of originals with a remix of the classic Prodigy hit.  

Having embarked on her musical journey driven and determined, Cynthia Laclé’s achievements to date no doubt come as a credit to her work ethic and commitment to her craft. Following her win at the 2017 Dutch DJ Championships, Cynthia Laclé has been gaining a reputation ever since, building her release repertoire and taking to stages to deliver live DJing sets. As she maintains momentum, continuing with a release schedule that has seen her drop an impressive six tracks this year alone, Cynthia Laclé ensures that she keeps expanding her reach, captivating listeners across the globe with her signature Techno sound.  

With this new remix, Cynthia Laclé brings her usual bold energy into the mix, establishing intense vibes with the strong, pounding beat as the hypnotising synth hook and processed vocals start to guide the listening experience. Featuring a driving lead, mighty rhythms, intense risers, and staggering elements, Cynthia Laclé’s remix of ‘No Good’ builds in sound as more layers join to add to the sonic power of the track. As the familiar details of the original balance against Cynthia Laclé’s unique style, the remix keeps the listening experience engaging, evolving through tense breakdowns and compelling drops; an epitome of Cynthia Laclé’s signature sound, this new release from the talented Producer and DJ is no doubt poised to garner attention, invigorating listeners with its dynamic and immersive soundscape.  

A Producer and DJ who continues to show no signs of slowing down, be sure to keep watching Cynthia Laclé closely as she is guaranteed to showcase her original creativity once again with more must-listen releases soon. So, make sure to remain in the know about her upcoming productions, projects and live shows by following Cynthia Laclé across social media. ‘No Good Remix’ is out now and is available to stream and download across platforms.  

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