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David Bowie’s son blocks new biopic from using music

A new David Bowie biopic titled ‘Stardust’ is on the horizon and according to, Duncan Jones, the late-artist’s son, it does not have the family’s permission. 

See the tweets below.

Stardust is set to star Johnny Flynn, known for TV shows including Lovesick and Vanity Fair, and will be directed by Emmy winner Gabriel Range.

Producers Salon Pictures say the film is an “origins story” set in 1971, rather than a biopic, and is not reliant on Bowie’s music as it tracks his early career.

But Jones, who is a Bafta-winning film director and producer, said his family has not been consulted on the film.

He later tweeted to say that if Neil Gaiman, the author of The Sandman and Stardust, wanted to write a biopic, then he would have his blessing.

Jones also included director Peter Ramsey in his tweet, who has been responsible for films like Rise of the Guardians and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

He added: “And if Peter Ramsey and his team wanted to make it as an animated film, I would urge everyone on my end to pay attention and give the pitch serious consideration.”

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