Domino Gold share the vivid visuals for new track 'Wichita'

Domino Gold share the vivid visuals for new track ‘Wichita’

Mysterious London-based duo, Domino Gold, have just unveiled their new single, ‘Wichita’ along with the track’s stunning accompanying visuals.

Part of Loud Parade, a multi-media house based in London, Domino Gold are creating forward thinking electronic music with dark nods towards R&B. The video for ‘Wichita’ follows a love story like you’ve never before witnessed, with its vivid imagery playing out more like a short film than a music video. Pain, pleasure and fierce obsession, Wichita’s video is nothing short of entrancing.

The track is packed with spiralling, liquid-like arpeggiators, punchy drum hits and with sharp live strings blended with powerfully dark vocals. The visuals were shot by the famous production house, LOVO films, who have shot commercials for the likes of Facebook, Coca-Cola, Uniqlo, and VW.

The song premiered over at Clash last week but is now available on Spotify (see above). Although very little is known about The Loud Parade affiliates, they released their debut track ‘Free Is Free’ toward the end of last year. Listen to and download ‘Free Is Free’ below.

Head over to Loud Parade’s Facebook page below to keep up to date with the emerging creative multi-media house.


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