Ed Roman Is Powerful And Charistmatic On “Happiness”

Singer-songwriter Ed Roman is back with a brand new single in “Happiness”, an ode to joy that’s surprisingly biting. Knowing the artist, we’re sure we’re in for a fun listen, so keep on reading to see our review for the new single.

For those who don’t know him, Ed Roman is an interesting personality who writes fascinating music. He’s well known for his previous work, “Red Omen”, a catchy tune that’s quite memorable. It gained traction when it released, serving as a symbol representing The Whole Dyslexia Society and just being a fun song that stuck around.

With “Happiness”, the artist finds new ways to push his sound forward while also flexing his writing chops. Many artists can somewhat lose their way during their careers, but thankfully it’s evident Ed Roman hasn’t lost his wit and charm. Just as we expected, it’s a fun romp with some thoughtful writing thrown in that makes for a great listening experience.

Happiness” is a relatively simple tune, utilizing synths and guitars for its melodies and maintaining a consistently and upbeat rhythm throughout its run-time. Everything is played and tuned for a pleasant experience, matching its namesake quite well.

The sound mixing in the song is also some expertly done stuff. Sound separation and clarity is excellent and sure to please those of you who like to pick out the instruments in their music. You also get a nice sense of space thanks to a wide sound-stage giving the song some breadth in its sound. Where the song adds layers of depth and complexity, is in its songwriting and Ed’s delivery.

Songwriting isn’t an easy task, but Ed Roman has a clear grasp on the art of it all. “Happiness” is all about the dichotomy between being sad and being happy. Some may think that being happy is all about denying the sadness that comes in life, but embracing the sad moments is what allows one to push forward in finding happiness. Ed understands this, and it serves as the emotional basis of the song.

His delivery on the track is honest, but also powerful and charismatic. He establishes his presence, and he makes it seem effortless with how he sings everything. We absolutely love it, and he completely steals the show.

It’s a very fun song with good emotional depth in its writing, so we definitely recommend giving it a listen. Ed Roman continues to impress with his creative output, and we can’t see what he has in store for us next.

–Jason Airy