Evan Le is the piano’s 5-year-old child prodigy

Evan Le is California’s child prodigy who plays piano in a way that would make most distinguished pianists blush. His natural ability is mind blowing – almost to the extent that it’s hard to believe it’s even possible. At the spritely young age of 5 Evan tickles the ivories with what would seem like decades of experience, saying Evan Le is talented would be undoubtedly an understatement.

Born to parents of no musical background or ability Evan is just like any other regular 5-year-old. He loves playing, visiting museums, solving math problems and also, the obvious – music. Although Evan’s musical journey was not initiated by his parents they fully support him. As long as he still enjoys playing, they’re overjoyed to help him in any way they can.

It all began back when Evan was 2 and a half and his older brother Brandon, who was 5 at the time, asked for a toy piano. Brandon’s method was to press the keys randomly and loudly whilst Evan would play each note in turn listening to the sound, pausing, then continuing, investigating each key one by one. He pressed the keys again – only this time turning to his father to ask, “What do you call this?”

Soon the toy piano just wasn’t cutting it. As Evans enthusiasm and skills rapidly progressed, the toy keyboard was soon replaced by an electric piano which obsessed the young pianist to no end. By the age of 3 Evan had mastered the art of listening to simple nursery rhymes and playing them back perfectly – all before he had even had his first lesson. Now with the ability to read and memorise complex music pieces, compose his own songs and possess perfect pitch, Evan has amazed his teachers and family. It is hard to comprehend the ability Evan Le has accumulated over such a short period of time. If Evan is playing like this at the mere age of five one can only imagine the depth and range of his talent by age ten, or even twenty. Evan plays beautifully and delicately, with such grace and style, exploring the keys to find the sound he desires – and it’s only the beginning of his journey.