Exclusive Premiere – Award Winning Songwriter Brenda Cay Releases Self Penned “Remind Me of Me”

Award Winning Singer-Songwriter Brenda Cay (Nashille, TN) releases her new single ‘Remind Me of Me’ on all digital and streaming outlets December 8th 2023. Music Crowns has the exclusive premiere of the single.

Download and Stream on December 8, 2023 HERE
A rumbling drum line intrigues as we are invited into the heartfelt lyricism of singer songwriter and country artist Brenda Cay’s newest release, ‘Remind Me of Me.‘ Reminiscent of the beloved sounds of a classic country genre, the tune wastes no time bearing its heart to its listeners as the band joins in and Brenda shares questions that have been a constant reminder of life’s unchosen circumstances: ‘Is your hair blonde like mine? / Does it show off your dark brown eyes? / Did I get your sense of humor, because mine is kinda dry.’ Inspired by a recent conversation between Cay and another writer during a co-write, the song tugs at the heart strings as Cay’s confident vocals float over the musicians as she empathizes with vulnerabilities that an adopted child may have to bravely lay bare in order for us to understand their plight.

To the keen ear, the magic of the song is actually found in its well-written lyrics. In fact, Cay’s accomplishments lie in her balanced telling of an adopted child’s emotional journey; not only does she acknowledge the good fortune few have experienced in being adopted and loved, but she does not shy away from discussing the difficult questions that sometimes never receive answers. Despite the emotional inner turbulence, Cay emboldens a searching heart with an effortlessly cool lyric: ‘I’ll know when I find you / You’ll remind me of me.’ May we all approach life’s tumultuous moments with such candor and bravery. 

Brenda Cay will be releasing a Music Video for this single in a few weeks.  Make sure to follow Brenda Cay at Website