‘Filthy’ sees Amii Dawes effortlessly transition back and forth between acoustic and upbeat

Amii Dawes is a singer-songwriter from Northampton, UK.

She has been touring the UK and Europe since 2011 and recently ventured into a new genre of music which she is really keen for people to hear.

Previously she had performed in numerous bands, which gave her the opportunity to play Radio 1 Live Lounge sessions at Maida Vale and go on to perform at Glastonbury.

Amii Dawes is now hoping to replicate that same success as a solo artist.

‘Filthy’ begins with smooth melodies which mesmerize and delight our ears, in particular the catchy rhythm and soulful vocals from Amii Dawes.

In the blink of an eye the tempo shifts up a gear as the track proceeds to unleash energetic instrumental beats and guitar riffs which are out of this world.

Amii Dawes effortlessly transitions back and forth between a slow and acoustic and vibrant pace.

The accompanying visuals are quirky and full of fun, after all who doesn’t want to dress up and clown around?