Gary Pratt Brings The Energy On New Single “Country To The Bone”

Gary Pratt brings a rollicking classic rock riff with “Country To The Bone”. Thought firmly versed in country, the production brings a garage rock energy. Full of a true anthemic approach theirs is an unstoppable force of nature one that has a physicality to it. Volume is a given for they play it loud, very loud, letting it all wash over the listener. By far though, the lyrics that explore the relationship of the road and the radio has a timelessness to it, one that feels righteous. A sense of personal freedom seems to waft on through in a way that has a deliberate power behind it as it grows and grows.

Right from the beginning the energy runs supreme. All of the band works in full swing to fully flesh out the sound. Quite dense it truly surrounds the listener in a way that feels absolutely gorgeous to beyond. With a sense of geography, they make sure that it comes together to celebrate the greatness of real country music. One of the main things about country is that love of the land, the way that highways sprawl and vistas appear right in front of you. Majestic to its core, the Americana experience, is something so enormous that even words cannot always depict its beauty. Yet somehow, Gary manages to do exactly that – reveling in the mighty American landscape.

Released on October 8th, and taken from his album “Something Worth Remembering,”  “Country To The Bone” shows off Gary Pratt’s ability to capture Americana in a way that has true soul.