Hadi delves deeper in the atmospheric 'Ocean'

Hadi delves deeper in the atmospheric ‘Ocean’

Lebanese singer-songwriter, Hadi, has been causing a stir with his otherworldly debut single, ‘Ocean’.

Incredibly immersive, this artist boasts a sound that overflows with emotion. The euphoric ‘Ocean’ creates a beautiful and ambient journey packed with reverbs and delays. The track’s uncompromising depth provides a heaving wall of sound which swells with every step. Hadi and his accompaniments shift traditional instrumentals into something entrancing and distinctive. Describing the track’s message in some detail, Hadi reveals that; “‘Ocean’ is a song about duality, introspection, and following through with the path that is our truth and listening to our gut.

Speaking to Red Bull, where his debut performance was recorded, Hadi delves deeper into ‘Ocean’:

It’s about how sometimes we can be in a certain scenario and we try to make sense of it in a way that we base off what other people think. Like, the earthly way of thinking of things, but then you can also go to a deeper place, spiritually, looking inward, and have a completely different outlook on the same exact scenario.

Now residing in Dubai, Hadi writes, produces, mixes and masters all of his own recordings. Making his creative vision a reality, he has written and recorded a full-length record which he is now preparing to release.

His live rendition of his original track, ‘Rain’, has since amassed an incredible 54,000 views online, you can watch it here or head over to his social pages below.


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