FOR LACK OF A TERM deals with betrayal in a new single, “I’m Sorry, Did My Back Hurt Your Knife?””

I'm sorry did my back hurt your knife

Photo: Rickelle Tavares

“Awww did my back hurt your knife?”, famous words said by Rachel Greene from Friends and the inspiration for the title of For Lack of a Term’s new single “I’m Sorry, Did My Back Hurt Your Knife?”. This is the second single off their upcoming LP, Welcome To Your New Normal, which drops on December 7, 2021. “I’m Sorry, Did My Back Hurt Your Knife?” will be available on DSPs today, September 21, 2021. The track makes you realize that some relationships aren’t worth saving. As much as you try to make things work, maybe it’s time to burn the bridge and go your own way. This is the last time to say anything that might get you some closure and never see them again. Alongside the single, For Lack of a Term will be randomly giving away a merch bundle. You can enter by pre-saving “I’m Sorry, Did My Back Hurt Your Knife?” and sharing a screenshot with the band by tagging them on any social media platform. Pre-save it here


“I’m Sorry, Did My Back Hurt Your Knife?” goes out to anyone who had a friendship or partnership end prematurely. Sometimes bonds need to be severed and when that happens without proper closure, you can be left with things that still need to be said. This song feels like that last line before you truly end a chapter with someone.” -Chris Beairsto, For Lack of a Term

Hailing from the budding music scene of Yonkers, NY, For Lack of a Term is an alternative punk rock four-piece known around town and beyond for their unique live sound and energetic performances. Frontman Ryan Dempsey & drummer Chris Beairsto, who have worked together on past musical projects, started For Lack of a Term in 2014. Throughout the year, there have been multiple line-up changes but Ryan and Chris kept enhancing their sound. In 2017, Arthur Wernham was recruited to join on bass. Arthur’s post-hardcore background gave the band a heavier punk sound. By 2019, Conor Cullen joined the group on guitar and backing vocals, completing the sound they have today.


For Lack of a Term is currently on the road. Check them out in the following cities 

September 19 – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania @ Ortliebs

September 20 – Canton, Ohio @ Buzzbin Art and Music 

September 21- Morgantown, West Virginia @ Pleasant Street

September 22 – Woodbridge, Virginia @ Clearbook Center 

September 28 – Long Island, New York @ Amityville Music Hall 

September 30 – East Haven, Connecticut @ The Beeracks


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