Introducing: Hot Rumour

Featuring LA producer Frankie Siragusa, who worked with The Decemberists and REM, brothers Aaron (chief songwriter) and Josh Ficchi (drummer), Hot Rumour are on the verge of ripping the rock scene apart.

Starting out last December, the trio are already planning a West Coast tour in the summer, to drum up support for their debut EP “MMXVI”. As this is a spanking new act, the chances are you’ve never heard of them, so let me firmly put you in the picture: Lead single, “Run to Me” and “All Going to Hell” can be described as flirtatious versions of The Muse and (perhaps) Maroon 5, with slight mainstream pop influences that would appease to the wide range of audience.

However something tells me these guys will be applauded for such outstanders, “2 Days Millennium” and “Call Em Out” –  the guitar riffs gains life and rips through a somewhat melodic composition, providing that much-needed vein-rushing experience with vocals capturing the spirit of Adam Lambert.

Hot Humour’s EP “MMXVI” is out this Friday…but for now, listen to “Run to Me”.