Jay Elle – Twelve On Sunday

Jay Elle is a pop singer, songwriter, and guitar player currently residing in New York City.

Jay Elle has a soothing and passionate voice, blending perfectly with unique guitar arrangements. His songs bring together lyrics and music in a singular fashion

“Twelve on Sunday is an incredible song by artist Jay Elle. Singing about his history he once shared with a girl who he deeply cares for. This single left me with many unanswered questions as a story was revealed in my ears through melody. What ever happened to the girl?

For that reason is why I’m in deep hopes for a part two. A beautiful guitar playing in the background, with smooth and passionate lyrics by Jay Elle. 4 out of 5 flames is the rating I feel this single deserves. But take a listen for yourself and you be the judge.”

Anthony Tucker – https://www.trendcityradio.com/music-reviews/2016/5/23/twelve-on-sunday

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Website – https://www.jayelle222.com/