Jolo Reeves has just won the Roast N Review cup, which will see one of his songs appear in Fortnite

The Roast N Review Cup has come to an end and we are so excited to congratulate the GRAND CHAMPION, Jolo Reeves!!!

He will be receiving $10,000 cash prize, marketing + distribution from BeatStars, a TikTok with Shaq, a song placement in the online video game Fortnite, + $1,000 in BeatStars Marketplace credits.

Meet the champion

Jolo Reeves is a 28 year old indie music artist from Detroit, Michigan.

Since 2016, he has performed all over Detroit, from local bars + pubs to underground warehouse raves + large EDM shows like the annual “Meltdown Festival.”

His career as an artist started in 2015 when he was selected as a finalist for TeamBackPack’s MULA Contest, where he would eventually battle the legendary Token.

Since then, Jolo has performed for thousands across the United States, focusing primarily on his home state of Michigan, where he has built a support system for the local music scene + provides upcoming local artists with the opportunities to perform + be heard all over the world.

After his recent victory in the 2022 RNR Cup, he is currently putting together a new project that will be released in the spring/summer of 2023. Although details have yet to be provided, rumours have been circulating that Jolo will be a huge contender this year as an artist on the rise.

With his new sound + knowledge in the music industry, the experts are keeping a close eye on him.

You can learn more about Jolo Reeves or his merchandise by visiting his site