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Make the journey: Pagans S.O.H release the video for ‘Pagan Pilgrimage’

Since releasing their debut single, ‘Banananah’, to critical acclaim in December of last year, West Bromwich four-piece The Pagans: Shepherds of Humanity (S.O.H) have been on the radar of many a tastemaker. After all, The Pagans S.O.H, don’t simply just make music, they make it their mission to take their listeners on a voyage of discovery into the uncharted waters of innovative style and sound.

With that in mind, the band have taken a complete 180 in terms of sound for their latest single, Pagan Pilgrimage. 

Lead singer Marcus raps over a laidback, guitar-laden beat that, were it tasked to any other band might sound strange, but works beautifully for The Pagans. The track also manages to squeeze in a short but sweet solo from lead guitarist, Daragh.

The band’s frontman Marcus Hall says of the new single: “Anyone who has ever seen us live knows our style is unique. so they won’t be surprised ‘Pagan Pilgrimage’ takes a totally different direction from our last song.”

For the video, the Pagans quartet have taken a pilgrimage from their native West Bromwich to Manchester – The Kings Arms in Salford, to be exact. Not content with just filming the majority of the video in Manchester, the video is actually a tribute to the North, featuring guest cameos from a few famous Mancunians – Shaun Ryder (Gorillaz – D.A.R.E/Happy Mondays), Elbow‘s Peter Turner and Coronation Street‘s Tracey Barlow, Dawn Acton.

Watch the video, directed by award-winning music photographer Paul Husband, below.

‘Pagan Pilgrimage’ will be available from 4th July on all platforms.

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