Martin Aelred Colgan’s New Album Is A Work of Art

Martin Colgan’s new album ‘Last Boat to St.Helena’ boasts amazing attention to detail, in its songwriting, arrangement and production.

Having teamed up with Hummdrumm Records for his most recent album, it is safe to say that this set of songs showcase the versatility of Colgan as a songwriter and performer. There’s the piano ballad ‘Skydive’, which sounds like a blend of something from a musical or film, and the sound of Dire Straits. Then there’s the anthemic rock track ‘Do It Again’ with its unforgettable, ethereal opening. There are stops at the other-wordly beautiful ‘Aurora’, which showcases Colgan’s skills at Spanish guitar. Then there’s ‘Flame’, which is bound to be a hit with all ages.

With a background spanning to the classical side, Colgan has all areas of musical expertise covered. This high level of expertise feeds through into his new album to grab our attention with songs that will stay with you long after hearing. This is a true work of art.

Watch the lyric video for the album’s titular track ‘Last Boat to St.Helena’ here:

Colgan speaks about the conception of Lead Single ‘Last Boat to St. Helena’…

“Isolation was something I’d never experienced until the evening of March 22 2020 where from my attic studio I could see the search lights of police helicopters over the Glasgow skyline. Coincidentally I was working on the remix of the last boat to St Helena a tiny island which oddly enough had spent its whole life in isolation so I reckon I wasn’t to be totally alone that first night of lockdown.”

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