Music Crowns Exclusively Premieres Abe Grossman’s single and music video for ‘Dirty Cheap Hotel’

Singer songwriter Abe Grossman releases single and music video for ‘Dirty Cheap Hotel.’

Abe Grossman is an American singer-songwriter and alternative acoustic rock musician based in Los Angeles, CA. His voice and guitar playing echoes undertones of his childhood influences – great songwriters like Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, Joni Mitchell, Cat Stevens, Nick Drake, and John Martyn. He obtained a degree in music from Naropa University, which only adds to the impressive skillset that Grossman already has as a true artist. Having played in bands for years, a great lover of rock and roll, Grossman has found more of his heart and soul in the stripped-down song, the focus on the songwriting craft, and an expression uniquely his own. Abe released his debut singles, the front half of his upcoming debut album, “Ghost In The Dark,” “Speed Of The Night,” and “Blue Jays.”

There is something so beautiful and enchanting about a song that can tell so much while sounding so simple and effortless at the same time. Only the most creative of artists can accomplish this task with such grace, and Abe Grossman’s single ‘Dirty Cheap Hotel’ is the perfect example of this. This track is two minutes and forty seconds of tragic bliss, as his poetic lyrics and raw production will stir some emotions and tug on your heartstrings like an acoustic guitar.

While the instrumental is very minimalistic, the arrangement gives off a vibe that can only be described as the perfect combination of longing, sadness, and beauty. The pure sound of the acoustic guitar and the building orchestra only does more to compliment Abe’s stunning vocal performance. His tone is sweet yet bold, with a little rasp and breathiness that pulls you in and makes you feel he is putting on an intimate performance solely for your listening. Abe is a well-versed songwriter, with lyrics that seem inspired by the folk legends of the past, such as Bob Dylan and Nick Drake. He allows his audience room to interpret the lyrics in their own way, which does more to tap into their emotional response and make the song accessible to anyone.

The music video is reminiscent of an indie movie scene that is gut-wrenching and picturesque. The video tells the story of Abe’s ex-love and her refusal to leave the dirty cheap hotel where she was holed up to get on the bus to see her dying grandmother. Its emotional ambience and storytelling are shattering and humbling at the same time. As the standout line, “Get on that bus girl, there’s no more summer,” rings through your ears, you are also viewing the solemn story of Grossman’s past.

‘Dirty Cheap Hotel’ is a project that will make your sense of nostalgia come to life. Strap yourself in for the emotional ride that is Abe Grossman’s music, because this is a song evocative of the sad, yet heartwarming feeling of summer rain.

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