Music Crowns Premieres Hannah Schzde’s Music Video ‘Shine’

Only an artist who brings a truly unique and fresh style to the table stands the chance of succeeding in a scene as over competitive as Boston, Massachusetts. ‘Shine’ puts a twist on indie pop because singer/songwriter and instrumentalist Hannah Schzde focuses on how we as a society let music guide our life perspectives when she composes. Amidst a sea of lost-love ballads and beer-drinking country queued on our playlists, Schzde Invites us to remember our self-worth and that we each have something to contribute to the world. Simply put, she asks, “If everyone in nature is beautiful, why wouldn’t that make us beautiful as well?”

There is talent and then there is Boston talent. A trained Violinist, Schzde is in the know when it comes to instrumentation and how to  orchestrate to create surreal soundscapes in her productions. Her Mexican roots allow her the ability to blend styles in ways her contemporaries could only hint at, displaying a library of both Spanish and English singing. Hannah Schzde has numerous shows around the Boston area, mixed with online release shows/performances that reach a more national audience. Information and updates about Hannah, her music, and live events can be found on her socials or on her website,