Music Crowns Reviews Pop Sensation Hodaya Singer’s Empowering Music Video “Me Myself & I”

Hodaya Singer not only released a bad ass self love anthem just in time for summer, but an incredible music video to go with it. ‘Me Myself & I’ is about finding love within yourself and coming to the realization that as a strong woman you don’t need a man to feel worthy of love. The music video portrays this beautifully, with multiple different settings and characters. While Hodaya is the star of the show singing in an array of stunning  dresses, the dancers behind her bring life and intensity to the video.  Hodaya’s outfit changes seemingly represent the different sides of herself, naturistic, wholesome and simple, to dark and daring, to bright and pageant queen. Although she can embody many varying styles and emotions, she is beautiful and worthy of love in all of them. This video shows off what it means to be an independent female and how to do it shamelessly. We should all try to embody our inner Hodaya and strive to achieve the utmost amount of self love this summer with the kick ass anthem ‘Me Myself & I.’